Shotgun Powder

12-Gauge Shotgun Reloading Powder

Hunting, skeet shooting, or home defense mechanism requires proper knowledge of shotguns. It involves reloading components and caring techniques to ensure optimum functioning.

Reloaders recommend hand-loading of shotgun powder due to its effect on performance. This is also a money-saving technique that ensures the accuracy and dependability of the ammunition.

Which formula should you buy? A lot of reasons depend on the type of load being used. Read the reviews of some of the reloading powder suitable for a 12-gauge shotgun.

Shotgun Reloading Powder

What Is a Good Shotgun Powder?

A good powder makes the entire ammo function. A shotgun needs a quick-burning powder since it involves a quick explosion to propel a load towards the target.

This makes shotguns less accurate than rifles when it comes to distance. However, the spread of its shot makes it ideal for hunting fast-moving preys at relatively short distances.

Also, shotgun powders should have all the other properties of premium smokeless powder. It must be dependable, clean-burning, temperature insensitive, and easy to measure.

Different Powders for a 12-Gauge Shotgun

Loading a lead shot is pretty easy. All you need is shells, primers, wads, hulls, and of course powder.

Hodgdon Universal Clays

The Hodgdon Universal Clays has a good reputation for being adaptable. This kind of product is known for its shot-to-shot consistency and easy measuring. Universal is designed mainly for a 28-ga but is also a solid pick for 12-ga, 16-ga, and even 20-ga shooters.

Alliant Unique

The Unique powder shines with heavier loads: 28-ga through 12-ga shotguns. It is ideal for pistol, which reloads multiple shotgun gauges and produces handguns. An upgraded version of the Unique offers clean-burning features to help save time and effort during cleaning.

Alliant Red Dot and Green Dot

The Red Dot and Green Dot are fine choices for reloading. Red Dot tends to burn quicker and comes with a bit of recoil compared to the Green Dot. Generally, shooters with lighter loads benefit from the Red Dot, while those with heavier loads use the Green Dot.

Maxam CSB

The Maxam CSB produces a top-notch smokeless powder that ensures good results. It is an optimal choice for reloading metallic ammo due to its price and precision.

Winchester Super Field

The Winchester Super Field is an ideal addition to maximize the velocities of 12-ga loads. It is also an excellent propellant for action pistol applications.

IMR Hi-Skor 700X

The Hi-Skor 700X is a great powder for 12-ga, 16-ga shotguns, and even pistols. Stocking this powder is good if the user is both a pistol and a shotgun shooter.

Stock reloading

How to Stock Reloading Powders?

On average, reloading powders have an estimated shelf-life of 10 years if stored properly in their original containers at a temperature of 20°C and relative humidity of 55-65%. Store the powder in a cool, dry place, and free from any sources of excess light. Your Trusted Partner for Ammo Needs

Finding the right powder that best suits a 12-gauge shotgun can be challenging. To save you from stress and mistakes, let the experts do the job.

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