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Varget Powder Still For Sale – Truth or Myth? |

Official contracts began specifying Hodgdon providers to resolve open powder to ammunition manufacturing demands before they sell the powder to ammunition supply. Because of the shortage of reloading powder supply with expanded government mandates and demand, it has been harder for Hodgdon to handle shipping powder as quickly as they used to.

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The Best All-Around Pistol Powder

When it comes to firearm ammunition, there are a number of different powders that people may want to use to achieve various shooting results. Some of these powders offer different levels of performance, and they all have their own pros and cons.

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The Best Way To Measure Powder For Reloading

When reloading powder, it helps to know how to measure different types of powder for reloading from stick powders, ball powders, Lyman powder and more. To get accurate charges and consistent weight for your loads, it’s a good idea to use a scale,…

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