Varget Powder Still For Sale – Truth or Myth? |

In this article, we will shed some light as to why Varget Powder is no longer available in the market and provide the best Varget Alternatives has to offer.

In the last few years, ammunition manufacturing companies like Hodgdon Powder have increased the production of many popular powders, but Varget is now hard to find. There are many reasons contributing to the shortage of Varget reloading powders.

Let’s dive into the whys and how you can get your hands on these elusive powders. Powders like H4350 Varget, Retumbo, and H1000 were formerly filled with cans lined shelves in dealerships across America. So why are shelves that were formerly full now empty? Let’s dive in.

In Stock Varget Powder Shortage

There are a number of reasons behind empty dealer shelves. From expanded government regulation shipping explosive and energetic materials to a significant backlog in demand, it looks like we haven’t seen Hodgdon powders especially the Varget on dealer shelves in a while.

Here are some of the reasons behind the long absence of Varget in the market:

Military And Government

Official contracts began specifying Hodgdon providers to resolve open powder to ammunition manufacturing demands before they sell the powder to ammunition supply. Because of the shortage of reloading powder supply with expanded government mandates and demand, it has been harder for Hodgdon to handle shipping powder as quickly as they used to.

Basically, the Varget has been used for years for military ammunition. Furthermore, shipping energetic materials have become complicated due to the new shipping regulations.

Shifting Supply And Demand

It may surprise you to know that in 2019 Varget powder on dealer shelves was stagnant and ignored for the most part. It wasn’t until 2020 that long-range and precision shooting enthusiasts started raiding dealer shelves as soon as it arrives.

The problem behind empty dealer shelves is related to shifting supply and demand challenges. Consumers tend to change their minds

Varget Powder Substitute At

Since Varget is still currently unavailable in the market, what better way is there than to find the next best thing right? Here at, we believe that there are other brands like Maxam CSB 6 that are worth checking out. It performs very well and not to mention, it is a smokeless powder. Yes! You heard it right. SMOKELESS POWDER!

For the information of our readers and clients, here are the specs of this awesome Varget alternative, the Maxam CSB 6.

Maxam CSB 6

This smokeless powder is popular for reloading ammo like 9mm, 40 Smith and Wesson, and a variety of rifles. It has a clean burn rate that ensures the longer lifespan of your firearm. Maxam yields lesser residue from fouling or breech plug unlike other popular reloading powders out there.

The technology behind Maxam can enhance any caliber’s performance up to 10%. Isn’t that amazing? All these reasons should be enough for you to try out our smokeless reloading powder, Maxam CSB 6. We sell it in 22lb storage and can ship it directly to your doorsteps.

It is also advisable to buy it in bulk to save more money. Everything comes from our manufacturing company in Tulsa, Ok.