The Best All-Around Pistol Powder

When it comes to firearm ammunition, there are a number of different powders that people may want to use to achieve various shooting results. Some of these powders offer different levels of performance, and they all have their own pros and cons. This is why it’s so important to find the right powder for the caliber that you are using, especially if you will load your own ammo.

More than likely, a person will need an all-purpose type powder that can be used for multiple types of firearms with some level of success.

What Is The Best All-Around Powder For Handguns?

One of the best all-around powders for handguns is Winchester 231 power pistol rifle powder.

This powder is a single-base, extruded smokeless propellant that was introduced in 1955 by Olin. It has many different types of uses, and it’s perfect for most light to medium handgun loads. It’s important to know that this powder performs best when used with a non-jacketed lead bullet with a bullet weight between 80 and 130 grains.

This fast burning powder is used for a wide variety of bullets and handgun cartridges and hand gun calibers such as:

  • .44 magnum loads, 357 mag, 44 mag
  • .45 acp
  • 45 colt gun
  • CFE pistol
  • 357 magnum
  • 9mm 38 special
  • 45 auto cast bullets

Benefits of the Winchester 231 Smokeless Pistol Powders

There are several general factors that endear this smokeless powder to enthusiasts. For one, it has several applications which make it perfect to switch between firearm caliber types. Here are a handful of other factors you’ll love about these reloading powders:

Easier Powder Measures

One of the biggest problems with some all-around burning powders is making sure that the load is measured precisely. This isn’t a problem with the Winchester 231. It is easy to measure so it’s more accurate, and it offers good performance across many reloading activities. It’s great for hitting target loads and charge weights for full power shots without needing to pay attention too much.

High Burn Rate

This powder burns faster than different powder used in many modern handguns. This means that it can be used with low-pressure loads and still provide high velocity. It also burns clean with great power compared to slow burning primers.

Low Cost

If you compare the cost of the Winchester 231 to other commonly used powders, you’ll find that it is quite inexpensive. This makes it great for those considering experimenting with handgun reloading on a budget by buying only one powder.

Low Flash

Another problem commonly found in pistol powder is that is produces a high flash. This isn’t the case with the Winchester 231. This powder works with a low flash which means it’s safe to use when you are shooting in low-light conditions, and is a great powder to use when firing a heavy bullet. Your Firearms And Ammunition Experts

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