The Best Way To Measure Powder For Reloading

When reloading powder, it helps to know how to measure different types of powder for reloading from stick powders, ball powders, Lyman powder and more. To get accurate charges and consistent weight for your loads, it’s a good idea to use a scale, reloading equipment, powder dispenser and know the volumetric grains of powder to get the perfect powder charge. This blog post will teach you how to accurately measure powder for safe, reliable reloading. The best powder measure method is by weighing the load on a digital scale. This produces accurate results with little effort on your part. Let’s get started.

The Best Powder Measure Method

My preferred method for measuring powder is by using a powder thrower, also known as a “scale charge bar.” Screw the powder thrower on to the case with the measure facing down. Tap the case on a hard surface to settle powders down into the case. Some people like to load their cases with grains before their charge throws, but I find it easier to just drop my charge in and then seat my bullet and crimp or press the grain. When I load one cartridge at a time, I use this method. When I’m loading several cartridges at once, I generally drop the powder thrower on to the case mouth and then throw out a charge because I don’t have time to look at each case and ensure it has the proper amount of grain. The powder thrower holds a known amount of powder and is designed to distribute charge consistently and with precision with no guesswork on your part. It’s very efficient when it comes to accuracy.

Measuring By Volume

If you don’t have a scale, you can powder measure by volume. There are two different ways to do this. The first is to use a powder measure designed for volume loading. This is the type of powder measure you will find on progressive machine brands like a Dillon or Hornady LNL. The powder measure by volume trick is to simply use a measuring cup. Just put the measure on the front of the case and pour the powder into it. When you’re done, you can pour out excess powder. It’s an easy method that gets the job done.

Other Considerations

Before you get ahead of yourself, you should also be aware of a few other factors to consider every time you reload your rounds:
  • Use quality scales to weigh your charges. Sensitive firearms like a pistol and rifle are unforgiving when it comes to throwing the wrong amount of powder.
  • You might save a bit more money when you choose a manual reload method.
  • Powder consistency changes from time to time so make sure you check for anything that could stand out and cause a problem with the throw.

Trifusion Tactical: Using The Right Powder Measure Method

The best powder measure method is by weight or volume so you will know your charge exactly. Never eyeball it especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. If you really want to make sure you’re making the right choice, it’s a good idea to reach out to experts like those in Trifusion Tactical. Our business is owned by two veterans with a love for responsible gun handling. We’ve created a stellar community that supports each other every step of the way. Head on over to our website to get in touch with us to see what our wide range of gun supplies are waiting for you!