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Tips For Selecting Reloading Powders

There are a lot of different bullets and cartridges that we can shoot on the range, but all those different rounds require specific types of reloading powder. We need to make sure we are selecting the right type for our caliber or gun. One thing is for certain – selecting the wrong type of powder can be dangerous and cause some real problems when it comes to accuracy. Here are some top tips I have that cover the basics for selecting the right reloading powders:Selecting Reloading Powders Tips

Reloading Powder Buyers

  • When buying a brand-new powder, look for one with the latest patent date. Most of the top-selling powders are simply rebranded old gunpowder rounds, so make sure you have all the data right.
  • Buying handmade isn’t a great idea, but if you must buy them, look for one without an extreme burning rate in your case length (say 10% or less).
  • Keep in mind that some powders burn very clean and without residue and others just stink. Choose a powder that won’t flake since they’re safer. Make sure you take the time to test and point properly before you start shooting.
  • Use brass casings, they’re more durable.
  • Know what kind of reloaders work for specific guns like a shotgun.

Additionally, here are a few things you should consider relating to more specific powders and reloaders for your pistol and other guns:

Smokeless Powder

These powders are used in low-velocity cartridges such as the 7.62×39, which is a popular cartridge in Russian military rifle cartridges. It’s a very effective cartridge that reliably shoots through iron sights and comes with its own magazine. They’re generally slow burning and are great for reloading manual rounds.

This cartridge requires very specific and different powders that are not just interchangeable but are also very different from each other.

If you’re considering using slower-burning smokeless powder for your ammo, you need to make sure you’re familiar with these terms:

  • Powder charge/powder charges
  • Powder measure
  • Bullet weight

Generally, this option is based on nitrated black powders, like 5.56×45, 7.62×39, and others. Its main characteristics are a consistent and slow-burn temperature and better accuracy when it comes to a long-range target.

Burning Powders

On the other hand, burning reloading components are used for higher velocity applications, such as hunting small game, which usually requires quick shot delivery. This is mainly because they’re fast-burning because they’re under more pressure. However, they’re less accurate.

They come in two types: single-based and double-based.

A smokeless reloader has a low sensitivity and is easy to ignite with primers. That’s why they’re often recommended for beginners or people who want to make reliable ammunition without any trouble. However, they are designed with a faster burn rate so that you can hit targets more quickly.

As such, you should consider the weight of your grains and whether you’re using quality powder. You should also keep in mind the kind of gun you’re using.

Trifusion Tactical: Your One-Stop Reloading Powders Shop

As a final note, there are tons of choices out there that are simply rebranded old powders which are safe to use and can be resold to different people. There is nothing wrong with that and in many cases, you can save money by buying powder made from that original formula.

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